How to send thank you emails to your donors


After a donor makes a donation to your account, it's good practice to show them your appreciation by sending them a thank you email. You can do so directly from your participant center.

Here's how to send thank you Emails:

Login to Your Account

  • Navigate to 
  • Click on the red My Headquarters button on the left
  • Enter your credentials and login.

Navigate to the Email Center

  • Click the Email tab on the purple navigation bar

Select Your Donors

  • Under the Contacts menu, select Donors
  • Click the checkbox  next to the donor(s) to whom you wish to thank. 
  • Click Email Selected
  • Your donors email address should now be populated in the recipients box

Configure Your Email Message

  • In the Template drop-down field, select Donation Thank You Email - This will load a thank-you email template, which can be edited if you'd like. If you wish to type your own instead from scratch, keep the template selected at Choose a sample message.

Send Your Email

  • Click Preview & Send
  • Take a glance at how your email will appear to your donors. If you need to edit a part of your message, click Close. If everything looks great, click Send.