How to update your personal fundraising page

 These are items that can added or changed from the My Webpage section:

  • Update the content on your public donation page (viable only by those with whom you've shared the personal donation page link)
  • Customize the Personal Donation Page Link (shareable link that can be posted on Facebook, Twitter, emails, etc.)
  • Update your personal story
  • Upload or update up to 2 images that appear on your personal donation page

To help you hit the ground running, we've already configured your personal fundraising page with a default message but did you know you can update it and personalize it to fit your own story? 

Here's how to update your personal fundraising page:

Login to Your Account

  • Navigate to 
  • Click on the red Headquarters Login button on the left
  • Enter your credentials and login

Edit Your Webpage

  • Click My Webpage from the orange navigation buttons
  • Click on My Webpage

As a parent, you can fully customize what appears on your student's donation page - you have control over what's displayed and what's not. 

Here's what you can update:

  • Page Header
  • Subheader (the name that appears on the donation page)
  • Friendly URL (the shortened website link that can be shared on social media sites)
  • Upload your own image that appears on the personal donation page
  • Caption under the image
  • Edit the text/story that appears on the donation page. 

Submit Your Changes

  • Click Submit at the very bottom to apply the changes to your donation page